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Snack vending machin
  • Combo vending machine WD1-610B
Combo vending machine WD1-610B

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Snack/Cold beverage vending machine (WD1-610B)


Standard interface: MDB
Size range of snack:  75(W)*75(D)*180(H) mm;                       
6*10*5=300; 60 Selections
10 cargo road, 6 tray, 5 quantities for each selection;
Adjustable height every 15mm between shelves.
Tray number (optional)
Refrigeration: Compressor  R134a     3 ℃ - 12 ℃ (adjustable)
Mode of payment:  No
COIN CHANGER AND ITL bill acceptor optional
Power consumption: AC220V/50Hz Maximum; Standby: 600W/40W
Humanized Design   7 inch touch screen for select the drinks
The distance between trays and the front glass: 235 mm
Measurement: 1080mm×863mm×1900mm (w*d*h)
G.W/N.W: 350kgs/320kgs


1. Abundance Commodity
This machine is seasoned with the selling of flexible Vendible items for can/bottle/box/snack/candy with various size. The beverage and food sales are adjustable.
2. Flexible Trays
Flexible snack trays, which made the machine could sell different snack with various dimensions. Tray height can be set in accordance with the height of the commodities
3. Humanized Design   7 inch touch screen for select the drinks
4. Safety
The use of explosion-proof tempered glass, steel cabinets and multiple anti-theft designs, to ensure the security of the commodity, currency and equipment.
5. GPRS monitoring system optional (Additional Charges)
6. Fault Diagnosis
The machine can diagnose itself automatically. And the diagnosis results will be delivered promptly to the operator. This facilitates day-to-day maintenance.
7. Monetary payment system
Control system for the application of international standards MDB interface which facilitate access in line with the MDB standard with coin/bill acceptor/IC card and other payment module, effectively expanding the scope of the payment module

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